Headhunter Nomad

Following the trend of eventually releasing a full-length after a string of successful twelve-inches, Bristol’s Headhunter is the latest in the pack of dubstep producers to present his vision with an LP. For non-collectors, it’s also the first time his music has been available on CD, though if you’re expecting to hear singles like "Implant” and the Initiate EP, you’ll have to wait longer. Everything on the album is new and interestingly enough, each track on Nomad was recorded in a different studio across Europe and North America. It’s difficult to hear much of the influence the concept had on the recording but you get the sense most locations were dark and/or subterranean, as there’s little light beaming from Headhunter’s headspace. Nor is there much urgency, compared to the anthemic thrill-seeking of someone like Benga. Instead, Headhunter uses his well-disciplined patience to keep things rooted in cavernous near-techno, wobbling bass and shuffling garage. Though he might not have the profile of a Burial, Appleblim or Kode9 just yet, Nomad is a conspicuous presence in the scene that demonstrates Headhunter is the future. (Tempa)