Hawnay Troof Islands of Ayle

As the front-man for mysterious punk collective XBXRX, Vice Cooler is a flailing, ferocious beast. His solo work as Hawnay Troof, however, takes a more flashy tone, with its party-starting combination of electro and hip-hop. On Islands of Ayle, his second proper Troof album, the music is as much about diversity as good times. Opener "Suspension and Conclusion/Finale” explores fluttering harmonies not unlike Animal Collective, while "Front My Hope” builds a fun time from a jovial melody and a shit-ton of synths. Elsewhere, "Connection” is a Dust Brothers throwback, combining a late ’90s bass run with a Beastie Boys delivery. Still, "Out of Teen Revisited” is the real winner, building an irresistible freedom anthem from ecstatic 8-bit melodies and a huge beat, leaving Islands of Ayle a mixed bag of awesome. (Retard Disco)