Havocs Bad Day

Taking lessons from the Jam, Duotang, Elvis Costello, the Insomniacs, and the Smugglers, the Havocs may not be original but they are refreshing and sincere in their musical endeavours. In addition, the true meat of this debut recording lies within the tracks "Tell No Lies,” "Next Time,” "Service Fees,” "Got the Shakes” and "What Good is It?” as the rest of it is pretty much filler. The Havocs definitely have the basics well rehearsed; now it’ll be interesting to see where they take those basics from here? In Sudbury, of all places, it’s reassuring to know that a trio such as the Havocs exist to present that community with something other than a Loverboy cover band or another round of "Sudbury Saturday Night” by Stomping Tom Connors. (Uncool)