Have Tea with Ohbijou on Exclaim! TV's Garageland

Have Tea with Ohbijou on Exclaim! TV's <i>Garageland</i>
It's been a busy couple of weeks over in Exclaim! TV land, and just recently it was tea-time with Toronto's homegrown indie staples Ohbijou.

In this episode of Garageland, Ohbijou chat about their mixed media-infused CD release party and their upcoming compilation, Friends in Bellwoods II. To watch Ohbijou sip some drinks and bring back the word "dinks" click here.

Also, Garageland has gone to a few festivals this summer, and we got a crash course on the French-Canadian music scene at this year's Festival d'ete de Quebec. If you're into something a bit more fast and heavy, check out an episode with Canadian punks Sights and Sounds.

And earlier in July, Garageland jet-set to Pomona, CA for Warped Tour's first date and got a preview of what the line-up is like: "crunk beats" and guitar chugging galore.