Harry Styles Goes into Detail About Valentine's Day Mugging

Harry Styles Goes into Detail About Valentine's Day Mugging
Harry Styles has opened up about his terrifying Valentine's Day mugging.
"That's what you get for being single these days," he joked on The Howard Stern Show. "Should have had other plans."
As previously reported, Styles was approached by a man who demanded cash at knifepoint in Hampstead, London, on February 14.
The singer elaborated on the details while speaking to Stern this week, clarifying that it was actually a group of men who followed him, even after he repeatedly crossed the street while on the way home from a friend's house.
Styles said he turned off the music in his headphones when he noticed the group of guys, who were wearing hoodies and had their faces covered. When they eventually caught up to him, one of the men asked Styles, "What have you got on you?"
Styles said he handed over some cash, but refused to unlock and give over his phone — even when one of the guys flashed a knife at him. He considered throwing it into a nearby pond, but then the lights changed and a couple of cars approached, so Styles took the opportunity to run towards the cars.
"Obviously, a mad man runs into the road and tries to get into your car you're not going to let him in, so they don't let me in," he said. "Try and get in another, they don't let me in. But now I'm slightly away from them because I'm in the street."
Styles said from there, he just sprinted towards his house and eventually lost the group of guys.
"Usually when I'm out walking, I'm wearing running stuff and this was the one night I'm wearing corduroy flares and shoes," he added.
Watch his surprisingly light-hearted description of events below.

As previously reported, Styles his recent Fine Line out on tour and will be playing several dates in Canada. You can see his schedule here.