Harrison "Right Hook" (video)

Harrison 'Right Hook' (video)
Harrison released his debut LP Checkpoint Titanium last year, and the Toronto producer has just breathed some fresh life into album cut "Right Hook" with a new video.
The clip was directed by Eva Michon, and it tracks a day in the life of a young woman as she goes for a morning jog, teaches a piano lesson, then eventually winds up at an exuberant dance party.
"The video for 'Right Hook' is an exploration of visual time-keeping," Michon explained in a statement. "I am always mesmerized when the beat of a song I'm listening to on headphones synchronizes with movement in the real world. The ponytail of a jogger or a dancer is one of the greatest things to watch, and was the initial inspiration and jumping-off point for the video concept."
Bounce along by watching the video for "Right Hook" below.