BY Matt BauerPublished Oct 10, 2018

The title of Toronto wunderkind producer Harrison's sophomore effort is defined as "the warmth of the sun in winter" — symbolic of his emergence from depression. No matter the listener's mental state, Apricity is the antidote to any upcoming great white north doldrums.
More assured and confident than 2016's Juno-nominated Checkpoint Titanium, not to mention more polished, Apricity is a delight. "Celica Supra" kicks the set off with an energizing slice of electro-funk that effortlessly conjures the early '80s and breakdancing (check out the video) without surrendering to self-conscious nostalgia.
"Wavestation" is deep house bathed in a balmy glow, and the indigo ambience of "Next Blue" is hypnotizing. Both are prime examples of Harrison's growth musically, both in chord structure and melody.
Like its predecessor, Apricity features numerous collaborations. "Your Girl" is a charming electro-pop confection with Ralph reassuring a girlfriend after a nasty breakup; "Better" (with Daniela Andrade) is a sensual quiet storm throb; and "Midnight Snack" (with iaamSaam and BadBadNotGood's Matty Tavares) has a contagious glide. This cat's only 23, making Apricity that much more impressive, not to mention one itchy with anticipation for what Harrison has in the future.
(Last Gang)

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