Harpoon Missile Boy, Interrupted

Somewhere in the vicinity of Onyx or M.O.P., Brampton, ON's Harpoon Missile combines Rahmel's chunky metal beats with Harpoon's hoarse yell. Third member, Warchild is the group's stage enhancer, like Public Enemy's Flavor Flav, although without the chance to drop any lyrics. He must be doing something right, since the rumour is that they put on a good show; on record, however, it's hit and miss. When Harpoon rhymes over hardcore tracks like "Coming to Get Cha!," "Who Says" and his self-produced "Mad Poon," he demonstrates a flow and voice that is downright catchy. The slower songs (which are not that common on Boy, Interrupted), such as "I Try," featuring Melanie Durrant, and In Essence, are just dull. Also boring are the lyrics. Harpoon has a knack for writing, it's just too bad the concepts are often tired, base (calling someone a "faggot-ass" is so last year) and suffering from a basic vocabulary. Why must hip-hop heads be forced to hear the same tedious concepts repeated again and again without ever improving? Perhaps Harpoon could write a song about what there is in Brampton that makes a person so damn angry. The end result: if Harpoon starts using his dictionary for more than just making an alphabetical list of words for "A to Z," Harpoon Missile will be a group to watch for in the future. (Linus)