Hanno Leichtmann Nuit Du Plomb

Click and blip textures contrast with soft synth game pop melodies in Leichtmann’s first solo release. The arrangement of songs range from the blistery coldness of Mille Plateaux, to the warm and nocturnal music-box melodies of Morr Music, which create a perfect mix of ambient bubble pop to stark and serious IDM. "Wind” has a heavy underlay of sub bass, multi-textured sounds like the music you might hear from an anechoic chamber with only your body as an instrument. "Anders” gradually and fluidly morphs from one melody to the next over a consistent deconstructed dub effect, and "Keller” is a meditative combination of a repetitive melodic scale regulated by a windy synth that sounds like your inside of a breathing chest cavity. Most songs playing out to a perfect five minutes, and if not, you feel as if it’s a tease. (Karaoke Talk)