Hannah Georgas Explains Her Newfound Album Inspiration, Streams New Record on Exclaim.ca

BY Andrea WarnerPublished Oct 2, 2012

Hannah Georgas's first album title, This Is Good, proved to be an understatement — it was great. An indie pop collection of confessions tumbling over declarations and into our ears, the 2010 album was like late-night phone calls from best friends or girlfriends, or the one who got away.

The Vancouver-based singer-songwriter is taking no such chances with naming her follow-up after herself. Self-titling is a route almost every musician or band takes at some point in their career, which begs the question: is there a rite of passage for the eponymous album?

"I don't think there's a rule to it," Georgas laughs in a recent Exclaim! interview. "It felt like the right time. This is kind of a fresh re-introduction to where I'm at musically and where I'm at with my creative process. I spent a lot of time thinking about titles, and nothing came, so I'm just like, 'Fuck it! I'm going to self-title this thing.' ... I definitely had opinions of people saying, 'You know, you gotta be further along in your career' or whatever, but, who told you that? Who cares? I don't."

This record finds a tougher, stronger, more confident Georgas as the sort-of star in her still-confessional songs. But, paired against a decidedly more electronic backdrop, the album is more upbeat and danceable than This Is Good. This new direction, Georgas says, is exactly the kind of music she always wanted to make.

"I'm still very much a songwriter and this record is really personal and confessional, but I also listened to, like my whole life, electronic music and I wanted to find somebody that could help me out with colliding my world with electronic stuff," Georgas says. "Graham Walsh, who I teamed up with and plays in Holy Fuck, said yes to working on this with me. It's a really cool thing to have both of our worlds collide and make something together."

Georgas explains that her goal was a simplicity inspired by one of her favourite types of music: catchy, repetitive, digital pop.

"I thought hard about what kind of music I really like, and what makes me want to listen to a song over and over and over again," she says. "One of my favourite songs is 'Make Love' by Daft Punk... I love it! I could walk around all day just letting that song be my theme song. I just wanted to get closer to that feeling and make music that rings true to that."

To see if Georgas has succeeded, you can now stream the new album, due out today (October 2) on Dine Alone Records, here on Exclaim.ca.

Also, you can catch her live on her Canadian tour with Mother Mother. Head here for the dates, and go here to check out more of Exclaim!'s recent interview with Georgas.

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