Hank Feat. the Hank Collective How to Prosper in the Coming Bad Years

It is not for us to ask why UK resident Cab Williamson quit his band and moved to Toronto, only to begin performing loopy four-track two-minute miracles with electric guitar and a gaggle of exuberant babes on heavenly amateurish backing vocals that sounds like a tribute to Beck’s Odelay as performed by We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Going to Use It (look ’em up, ’80s child!). It is not for us to ask what the hell his deadpan voice is talking about on "Whatever Happened to the Forster Appeal,” "Heswell Diesel,” or "Blonde Wives and Dead Daughter.” It is for us to thank the Hank for his second "full-length” (15 songs in under half an hour) in the past year, each copy crafted in individually stamped pages from old copies of the Saturday Evening Post. Easily the purest pop band on the Blocks Recording Club, Hank has nothing to fear in the coming bad years — these tunes will make the darkest days seem brighter. (Blocks)