Hangout Handbook Fired Up in Halifax

Hangout Handbook Fired Up in Halifax
Photo by Carolyn Hirtle
In our annual Hangout Handbook, Exclaim! asks some of our favourite artists to discuss the hidden gems in their hometowns. Here, Monomyth's Seamus Dalton outlines his picks in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Start It Up

Mary's Place (2752 Robie St.) for breakfast/brunch/lunch. All day eggy meaty combo for cheap, plus genuinely delish veggie options.

Get Sparky

More coffee. Java Blend (6027 North St.) has good coffee. You can sit outside and talk to Levon or wink at the cute boy serving up the dranks.

Dip It Down

You are on the coast, hit some water. Long Lake has a bunch of hot spots and you can bus/bike there. Hike a bit to get to the jumping rock or go to the other side where my friends saw a ghost. Tea Lake is also a solid bet. You can hear frogs trying to fuck and one time we listened to "Some Velvet Morning" play from a practice amp with a big ol' moon overhead and we were naked so it was sweet.

Fun Fun Fun

I work at the Board Room Game Café (1256 Barrington St.) You pay $5 and you can play board games for as long as you please. Come see me and I'll serve you beers and coffees.

My Band Rocks

Go to Taz Records (1521 Grafton St.) and buy our record. Obsolete Records (2454 Agricola St.) also has our record. Lost and Found (2383 Agricola St.) sells cool clothes, local tapes/vinyl and has bomb ass art all over the place. They have our record. Our record rocks.

Show Time

Gus's Pub (2605 Agricola St.) has something going on almost every night. The Khyber has relocated (5521 Cornwallis St.) and the city has put the old building up for sale because the city is stupid. Sweet shows are going down there. Menzbar (2182 Gottingen St.) might have something going down; the Company House (2202 Gottingen St.) has been having real good rap shows, and the Bus Stop Theatre (2203 Gottingen St.) has some quality events.

Young Thug

Club Delay is the hottest after hours spot in town. If you don't know where it is, then you can't go. Andrew is one of the nicest bouncers in town and he'll braid your hair if you ask nice. DJ Stay Wavy will be bumpin some chopped and screwed Young Thug all night.

After After Hours

If you still need to be conscious, Larry's is the best after-after hours spot. This is some grimy shit. Larry is probably there and not doing so good. He likes to chew gum and fuck. The drinks have poison in them. For the love of god, don't fall asleep at Larry's.

Seamus Dalton's hero's journey includes singing and playing guitar in Halifax band Monomyth. Their album, Saturnalia Regalia!, is also available at stores outside Halifax.