Hands & Teeth "Cactus" / "Poseidon" (7-inch single stream)

Hands & Teeth 'Cactus' / 'Poseidon' (7-inch single stream)
Toronto pop rock troupe Hands & Teeth have announced that they'll be disbanding after a final show later this month, but before they go, they've shared one last 7-inch single.

Out on October 14 via iTunes, the 7-inch features new tracks "Cactus" and "Poseidon," which hear the band going out on a high note. The fuzzed-out guitar and thumping bass of A-side "Cactus" is paired with the gentler, more sombre "Will you wait for tomorrow?" refrain of "Poseidon," showing off two different sides of the band (literally).

Hands & Teeth will play their final show on October 18 in their hometown of Toronto with Cairo. It'll go down at 3030 and is totally free, with full details available here.

A farewell message from the band reads as follows:

It's with the utmost respect and love for each other that we announce: after one final show, Hands & Teeth will be disbanding. The four of us have mutually and amicably agreed the time has come for each of us move on to other ventures.

We'd like to thank everyone who has been with us along the way from that inaugural C'est What show before we had a name, through our middle "Hunting Season" days, right to our final transformative year. And we'd like to thank the people of Toronto in particular - this city has always been nothing but a bedrock of support for us from day one.

It's been a fantastic five years of playing together as travel partners, musical explorers, and brothers & sister. We wouldn't have had it any other way.

Keep listening and Enjoy Your Lifestyle,

Love Hands & Teeth

Sad to see them go, but happy to premiere the band's last single, Exclaim.ca has your first listen to "Cactus" and "Poseidon" below.