Hair Police Constantly Terrified

Since their inception in early 2001, the noisy trio known as Hair Police have been at the very cutting edge of the underground, right where the blood spurts out the gaping wound. Their latest album and first for hipper-than-thou label Troubleman, finds Hair Police squealing, peeling and scraping out some truly next level shit, as well as bringing clearer definition to an evolving movement of modern noise-rock that can only be described as free-noise. Constantly Terrified brings together all of the most violently arousing aspects of free jazz, noise-rock and full-on industrial thrall for a blood-smeared orgy of explosive intensity that isn’t as quick to pierce the jugular as previous efforts, and wholly benefits from its more meticulous, drawn-out and slow-building compositional structures. Never before has main-man Mike Connelly’s shrieks sounded more eerily stalking, the band’s careening torrents of mayhem more malicious. This is beautifully horrific soundtrack music to murder your family by, or stimulate your brain’s joy sensors, depending on your disposition. Either or, Hair Police have come for your children and will be remembered as uninhibited innovators. (Troubleman)