Haiku Salut There Is No Elsewhere

Haiku Salut There Is No Elsewhere
Track four of this third album from Derbyshire's Haiku Salut, "The More and Moreness," features a rhythm track worthy of New Order in all its 1983 glory. It is one of those electronic masterworks we're unlikely to hear in a club set, but should it ever be presented to the right crowd in the right space on the right night, it will most certainly turn that mutha out.
While most of this fine album is more downtempo, it's difficult not to get excited about what multi-instrumentalists Gemma Barkerwood, Sophie Barkerwood and Louise Croft have going. Their combination of accordion, piano, glockenspiel, trumpet, guitar, ukulele, drums, melodica and "loopery and laptopery" electronics is pretty much exactly what electro-pop can and should sound like in 2018.
Fresh, detailed and packed with surprises, every element of There Is No Elsewhere is carefully mixed. Their work — playfully branded "baroque-pop folktronica neo-classical something-or-other" — surprises and delights in equal measure.
Take the addition of Glastonbury Brass on the aforementioned would-be club anthem "The More and Moreness" and on "Cold to Crack the Stones" — it makes no sense on paper. And to be sure, 1:45 into the pristine electronic intro of "Cold to Crack," a brass band is the last thing you expect. By 1:48, it is a heaven-made match. Don't be surprised if you see it imitated by a host of artists in the new year. (Prah Recordings)