Guy Gerber Late Bloomers

One can’t help but think Guy Gerber’s debut title reflects the five-year build from his first release to his debut full-length. Late Bloomers reflects a man who’s been listening. Blending understated house, techno and trance into a solid showcase, like the son of Giorgio Moroder, Gerber serves up a smooth, progressive sound that has a hypnotic, addictive quality. There’s a summery, gliding feel to the overall production, wherein the energetic, psychedelic drive of "2 Birds 1 Stoned” lives in perfect harmony with the downbeat wandering of the light dub and vocal loop of "Persona Non Grata.” There is no doubt that Gerber creates his own electronica map and quite elegantly thrives in a territory between techno and trance that fuses a history of club, rave and warehouse music. Unapologetically drawing from the non-denominational church of the 4/4, Gerber brings in a new dawn where ancient sledgehammer beats are muted, nuanced and left to speak for themselves. (Cocoon)