Gunga Din

Your Glitter Never Dulls

BY Matt MernaghPublished Feb 1, 2000

The cadaver cool vibes of NYC's the Gunga Din hum along the lines of Bad Seed Mick Harvey's compositions. What's different is the timeless psych tuneage that burns gently in the background, especially on "Glitterati" and "Pastel Girl." The Farfisa organ, played by Chris Pravdica, gives the album a seedy smoke-filled bar aura and is the centre of the Gunga Din's bluesy-goth sound. "Paradoxia" allows everyone in the room to get off their grimy seats and hit the dance floor. This funky Bond-esque number keeps the watch-your-back mood flowing while making it impossible for your body to stop grooving. A perfect song to knife someone in the back. Sultry seductress Siobhan Duffy sings as though she is creating a safety net, but there is something sinister she is hiding behind those sedate vocals.

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