Guitar Hero: Van Halen Axes Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony

<i>Guitar Hero: Van Halen</i> Axes Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony
In the latest instalment of the the rocker drama that just will not end, founding Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony and ex-vocalist/tequila and colour red enthusiast Sammy Hagar have not been included in the upcoming Guitar Hero: Van Halen. Apparently, only longhaired loudmouth and current VH vocalist David Lee Roth is behind the animated mic, while current VH bassist Wolfgang Van Halen - guitarist Eddie Van Halen's son - is playing the four-stringer.

Despite this all coming across as an obvious diss, according to Rolling Stone, it also doesn't translate too well when unlocking sections of the game that travel back in time through the band's career, as the fresh-faced Wolfgang stays the same age while the other members get younger.

However, amidst all the hullabaloo, no one's talking about what we really want to know: whether or not Extreme vocalist Gary Cherone, who sung on one Van Halen album, 1998's Van Halen III, appears in the game. But, uh, we're guessing not.