Guided By Voices Detail 'The Bears for Lunch'

Guided By Voices Detail 'The Bears for Lunch'
By the time prolific Ohio indie rockers Guided By Voices detailed their second LP of 2012, Class Clown Spots a UFO, they had already teased the fact that a third album would be on its way shortly. As previously reported, that next effort is called The Bears for Lunch, and we now know that it drops November 13 through the band's own GBV Inc. imprint.

As can be expected of anything in Guided By Voices' catalogue, the album packs in a lot of material, with the 19-song set clocking in around 40 minutes. A press release insists that this LP may top the aforementioned Class Clown Spots a UFO and the band's first set of the year Let's Go Eat the Factory, and points to "longer, more fleshed-out songs and a semi-pro approach (so to speak) to recording fidelity" that make it a sister album to '90s efforts like Alien Lanes and Under the Bushes, Under the Stars.

Album opener "King Arthur the Red" apparently features "full-throated riffery, slam-tastic drums and even some show-offy lead guitar shredding," while the rest of the set is said to feature Beatles-esque piano lines ("The Military School Dance Dismissal") and a couple songs care of second-in-command Tobin Sprout.

It's been a banner year for band leader Robert Pollard, having issued two solo LPs on top of the trio of GBV releases, and even though The Bears for Lunch is still a couple of months off from its due date, we know it's only a matter of time before the indie god announces his next outing.

The Bears for Lunch:

1. King Arthur The Red
2. The Corners Are Glowing
3. Have A Jug
4. Hangover Child
5. Dome Rust
6. Finger Gang
7. The Challenge Is Much More
8. Waving At Airplanes
9. The Military School Dance Dismissal
10. White Flag
11. Skin To Skin Combat
12. She Lives In An Airport
13. Tree Fly Jet
14. Walking Up The Stars
15. Up Instead Of Running
16. Smoggy Boy
17. Amorphous Surprise
18. You Can Fly Anything Right
19. Everywhere Is Miles From Everywhere