Guided By Voices "Planet Score" (video)

Guided By Voices 'Planet Score' (video)
Honestly, it takes a while for the b-baller in Guided By Voices' new concrete court-set video for Motivational Jumpsuit single "Planet Score" to get in the zone, but soon enough the guy manages to show off an inspirational jump shot.

As he flounders, the sharpshooter (Breaking Bad actor Matt Jones) takes a verbal beating from an outraged fan (Nate Corddry), a flustered coaching figure (Rob Corddry) and an anthropomorphic all-beef frank. With his work outside of the key offering up nothing but rocks, the star athlete takes it to the paint for an easy layup, and gets enough confidence to sink a three and a quick jump before GBV's amp-cranking power-pop cut wraps up.

You can rally behind the team by streaming the comical sports clip down below, via Funny Or Die.

Motivational Jumpsuit hits stores next Tuesday (February 18) through the band's own GBV Inc. imprint.