Guided By Voices "Littlest League Possible"

Guided By Voices 'Littlest League Possible'
Drummer woes or not, prolific indie rock powerhouse Guided By Voices are gearing up to release their billionth LP Motivational Jumpsuit on February 8 via their own GBV Inc. label. Now, we get a taste of the album with "Littlest League Possible."

The remarkably brief track offers up palm-muted guitars and doubled up vocals, slowly building up towards a noisy punk-tinged rocker. The whole thing's done in a mere 78 seconds.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, frontman Robert Pollard explained that the song descibes his decidedly unambitious role in the band. "No competition, no pressure, no rules. The way I do things now is an absolute blast. I think one earns it when entering one's golden years. It also means that you don't necessarily have to act your age," he said.

Check out "Littlest League Possible" below.