Guided By Voices "Keep It in Motion"

Guided By Voices 'Keep It in Motion'
Ridiculously prolific lo-fi popsters Guided By Voices just released their Let's Go Eat the Factory LP in January, but the Robert Pollard-led unit will deliver another album this June called Class Clown Spots A UFO, whose first single "Keep It in Motion" is now online.

Hardly a mic-swinging bar rock banger or a bizarre Alien Lanes-era snippet of sound, "Keep It in Motion" is a streamlined soft rocker full of gently strummed acoustic guitars, symphony strings and warm organ tones. Lyrically, Pollard plays it simple, pretty well sticking to a refrain of "Keep it in motion / Keep it in line." It almost comes across as a throwaway, but, well, that's kind of always been the charm.

You can stream the song down below.

"Keep It in Motion" will also be issued March 19 on a seven-inch through Fire Records.