Gui Boratto Chromophobia

After delving into 2007 with their most satisfying Pop Ambient compilation of the past few years and the impressive debut album by John Dahlbeck’s Hug alias, the mighty and ever-present Kompakt imprint returns this spring with two of its most anticipated albums of the season. The first belongs to Sao Paulo native and K2 breakout star Gui Boratto, who has been making an impressive name for himself with tracks like "Arquipélago.” His debut full-length, Chromophobia, capitalises on the trancier side of his twelve-inch singles thus far, leaning heavily on fluttery synths and emotive peaks and valleys in an often-successful effort to transport the listener back to a time when trance was equated with euphoria, plain and simple. Those listeners who enjoy their trance with a pop flare and who don’t mind the odd "pretty” sequence would do well to check out Boratto’s record. (Kompakt)