GUH Unearthed

Living up to their name, this new release by Guh actually dates back to 2001, when fewer people may have recognized the Toronto, ON musicians, who are now quite prominent players in the Canadian music scene. Recorded by Dale Morningstar at the Gas Station Studio, Unearthed captures the free-form, improvised musical prowess of Henry Muth, Brian Cram, Jason Clarke, Blake Howard, Julian Brown and Jason and Jesse Baird. It's no understatement to suggest that working within the translucent confines of Guh motivated these players to eventually add key ingredients to cakes made by Feist, Apostle of Hustle, Rock Plaza Central and Do Make Say Think, amongst others. The liberated swagger of performances like "Die Cougar" and the swinging stomp of "The Worm" are but two examples of a band pushing and pulling forces of melody and harmony before melding together as one enigmatic force. The music of Guh is alive, lively and, on Unearthed, it's back for more. (Independent)