Guelph's Kazoo! Fest Rolls Out 2015 Lineup

Guelph's Kazoo! Fest Rolls Out 2015 Lineup
Guelph, ON's Kazoo! Fest returns for its eighth year this summer, and organizers have just unveiled an impressive lineup of performers for this year's event.
Deerhoof, Timber Timbre offshoot Last Ex, Homeshake, Phèdre and Absolutely Free top the bill, while Jeffrey Lewis & the Jrams, Scott Merritt, Black Spirituals, Darlene Shrugg, Doomsquad, Spencer Burton and New Fries also made the list.
The extensive lineup goes on to include spots from Tyvek, Fist City, Brides, Jon McKiel, the Lonely Parade and Nick Ferrio, as well as local talents like Badminton Racquet, Alanna Gurr and Masques.
The five-day festival will run from April 8 to 12 around downtown Guelph, and in addition to the musical performances, the fest will highlight visual arts, multimedia installations, contemporary dance and film projects.
Full festival information, including the full lineup, tickets and schedules, can be found over here.