Grounders "Pull It over Me" (video)

Grounders 'Pull It over Me' (video)
Garfield, as we all know, has got a major taste for lasagna. If the new video for Toronto indie rock unit Grounders' "Pull It over Me" is to be believed, that Mondays-hating house cat has also got big love for jam sessions, casual murder and air-humping. The character portrait of the funny pages favourite is anything but, ahem, Nermal, and you can check it out right now.

The clip follows a guy dressed up in a pretty grimy-looking Garfield costume making his way around town, whether jogging down streets, catching a local baseball game, or doing some soul-searching by the water. An encounter with another beach-dweller goes horribly wrong, but the cat costume-wearing star of the show does his best to push the incident out of his mind by thrusting that pelvis of his whenever and wherever he can.

Seriously, there's a lot of air-humping going on at the end of this video. If you want to check it out, you'll find the stream down below.

As previously reported, "Pull It over Me" appear on Grounders' upcoming self-titled LP. Nevado Records puts the record out May 12.