Greys "Blown Out" (video)

Greys 'Blown Out' (video)
After announcing the details behind their sophomore record Outer Heaven late last month, Toronto post-punks Greys have shared a video for album cut "Blown Out."

Shot largely in black and white, the clip alternates between the real and surreal in showing a tense conversation between a couple over coffee. Vocalist/guitarist Shehzaad Jiwani explained the concept behind the song and its visuals, saying it "was written about being in a relationship with someone who didn't understand depression because they'd never felt it themselves."

"The difference between sympathy and empathy is a distinct one — hearing someone out is one thing, but really listening to them is another," he continued in a statement. "The video alternates between stark, Godard-esque candor and Lynchian surrealism to illustrate what it's like inside and outside the mind of someone who suffers from depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. We don't all know what is going through someone's head at any given time, but we should all try to listen and understand - especially to those closest to us."

Outer Heaven arrives on April 22 through Buzz Records/Carpark Records. Watch the video for "Blown Out" in the player below.