Grey Asleep at the Wheel

Once upon a time, Canada’s capital was known as having one of the most thriving and interesting indie music scenes in the country. With bands like Furnaceface, Mystic Zealots and Shotmaker, among others, dominating the scene and delivering a DC-like post-punk vibe, the scene kind of died off a bit. Now the Grey are poised to represent once more. The quartet feature some of the same people responsible for the first wave of the scene so it makes sense they sound familiar. Drawing on the likes of Fugazi and other Dischord bands, as well as Hot Water Music for inspiration, this sophomore release is a more focused and driven effort. But their refreshing inability to stick to one tempo or mood makes them impossible to pigeonhole and makes for a more challenging listen. If art is meant to make us think, then this should be in a gallery somewhere. It’s just too bad that an unfortunate border incident last year, where they were caught fibbing to customs agents about a show they were playing, means they won’t be able to share the fruits of their labour with American fans for another five years. (Lovitt)