Greie Gut Fraktion Baustelle

Greie Gut Fraktion is a collaborative project from Finland's Antye Greie and Berlin's Gudrun Gut. The arty duo used hours of field recordings from construction sites to record Baustelle, an odd collection of music that could accurately be described as imaginative industrial techno. Songs like "Cutting Trees" and "Drilling An Ocean" use fitting industrial sounds of chainsaws and drills teamed with techno noise and echo-y vocals that proclaim the song titles, making for some rather morose material. The record utilizes a sparse style that causes anxious feelings, at times. Luckily, by track four ("Mischmaschine"), the vibe picks up a bit, leading an interesting progression from fuzzy noise to more recognizable techno beats. "Grossgrundbesitzer" features a similar progression, with the addition of some soft, float-y vocal work. There are some very inventive parts on this release, but as a whole, they don't cohere in a way that's incredibly listenable, with the exception of lovers of the uber-experimental. (Monika)