Greenskeepers Polo Club

Following the end of a two-year tour, the third release from Chicago-based Greenskeepers cashes in on electro-laced rock pop revelry that recalls Talking Heads, the Clash, the Ramones and even Devo. The ’80s electro vibe, foot tapping house rhythms, easy lyrics and a steady stream of guitar riffs result in a kind of light-hearted mash-up style of dance punk. It works perfectly during the sleazy remake fun of Huey Lewis and the News’ "Wanna New Drug” and the catchy melodic saunter of "Cowboy.” More often than not though, the strides at house-infected rock pop fall under the typical hybrid failing of managing to reference flavours while being unable to cook up anything really filling in the fusion. Still, there is some punch to Greenskeeper’s dance floor-infected grooves and "Lights of Fire,” as well as the lyric-less relief of "The Chair,” hints at the potential of the album had they dropped, or at least curbed, the singing altogether. With a heavier dose of funk, harder beats, grittier lyrics and looser arrangements, Polo Club could become the anthemic rock out this outing alludes to. The second disc, a boogie bound live DJ mix by James Curd, offers good compensation for any house heads disappointed by any shortfall in disc one. (Om)