Great Bloomers "This Ain't You" (Secret Sessions @ TARA)

Great Bloomers 'This Ain't You' (Secret Sessions @ TARA)
A great song from a great album by a great band gets that much greater thanks to this live version from the second instalment of the Audio Recording Academy's Secret Sessions.

Great Bloomers debut is a stark contrast to the EP they released two years ago. Where that was a visceral, ramshackle affair, Speak of Trouble asks listeners to look inward lyrically and sonically. "This Ain't You" is a prime example of this approach, showing through two characters that no matter how deep you might bury your feelings, they'll always rise to the top for all to see. The slightly more laid back nature of this semi-acoustic live take is well suited to the beautifully effortless voice of main Bloomer Lowell Sostomi. His pitch perfect rendition is just as emotionally fuelled as its studio counterpart.