GrandBuda "Yeah Yeah Yeah"

GrandBuda 'Yeah Yeah Yeah'
Montreal's GrandBuda is a man of many talents, with a resumé that boasts gigs as a rapper, producer, DJ and even a Kaytranada collaborator. He's gearing up to drop his latest album If It Happened to Me later this month, but first, Exclaim! is giving you some exclusive advanced insight into the new record with the premiere of album cut "Yeah Yeah Yeah."
The album marks GrandBuda's first full-length offering as a rapper, following up his 2014 on-the-mic debut EP, Esclavos Del Rey — and a press release is careful to note that it "isn't just a fire mixtape of singles, but a carefully crafted album meant to be enjoyed from start to finish."
"Yeah Yeah Yeah" drops listeners right into the middle of the tracklisting, but it still serves as an exciting introduction to the new material. Electronically manipulated guitar lines give way to synth runs below GrandBuda's auto-tuned croons and rhymes. The results are dark and moody, but wouldn't be out of place on a blurry, late-night dancefloor. You can hear the final product for yourself in the player below.
If It Happened to Me lands on October 14 through Ghost Club Records and is currently available for pre-order here.