Gramercy Riffs It's Heartbreak

There's a formula to this album that the band won't be able to employ next time. First, singers Mara Pellerin and Lee Hanlon crafted this while separated by the Atlantic (Pellerin in St. John's, Hanlon in Germany) via the handy internet postal service. Second, once Hanlon came back, they added Adrian Collins, Daniel Banoub and Jamie March, and soon the five-piece packed up and relocated to Toronto, ON. They're starting to garner a name, based on the fact that they make infectious, keyboard-based melodies with boy-girl vocals; Pellerin and Hanlon switch up songs of love and loss of love or understanding departure. The band emerge from these lyrical depths and establish a new beginning. Now, they'll hit that fork in the road of what to do next, and we will all wait and see. (Independent)