Grails Return with Deep Politics

Grails Return with <i>Deep Politics</i>
Portland-based dark art rockers Grails have had a prolific career since forming in 1999. The group have dropped countless releases, including 2008's excellent Doomsdayer's Holiday and the fourth instalment of their Black Tar Prophecies EP series earlier this year. Now, Grails are gearing up to release their fifth proper album, Deep Politics.

According to a press release, "The eight-song set was conceived during the band's longest-ever gestation period between albums, a fact immediately reflected in the increased compositional depth, intensified use of fetishistic cut-and-paste production techniques (akin to those employed by RZA and MF Doom), and the striking inclusion of lush string arrangements (courtesy of acclaimed composer Timba Harris)."

The resulting sound is described as containing "the indelible stamp of '70s Italian film scores and obscure occult/fringe library music, cultivating an immersive environment that inspires both an eternal sense of longing and an impending sense of dread."

Temporary Residence Ltd. will release Deep Politics on March 8. While no tracks are available for the album just yet, an incredibly and deeply disturbing trailer for the album can be streamed below.

GRAILS - DEEP POLITICS from The Fact Facer on Vimeo.