Gouseion Puisne

Reading about Portland, OR’s Gouseion, one learns he is also known as Cassidy DeMarco, Monodec, C++, Brokaw and Minijack (for his slowcore, hip-hop and breakcore projects) and, in true underground style, has more than two mix-tapes out. It takes a few listens to get into this CD but it is surprising and cool. Gouseion delivers melodies throughout the album in a patchwork style amongst hard, chewy noise, à la Aphex Twin, but with less frequent noise variations. The sounds create a consistent flow and each listen brings out something new and special. The album starts with hard-hitting songs, later creating more of a spacious, wide-open feeling via the thick grooves. The music on Puisne is imaginative in a Nintendo and Atari old school industrial kind of way. Puisne conjures images of a robotic factory or a mythic monorail train journey under a sky full of stars. (Run Riot)