Goteki Goteki O/S: Corrupted Files

Fourteen driving electro-goth tracks comprise this remix album, which includes interpretations of Goteki’s compositions by Echo Image, Deathboy and Goteki themselves. An Ibitha-esque rendition of "Phuturist” is obviously intended to get the party started and thankfully, the tracks that follow never go as frivolously high. The Icon of Coil’s mix of "Piranha Advancement” is particularly pumping and Sigue Sigue Sputnik’s version of "We Go Chrome” harks back to their ’80s heyday and is easily the best track on the album, perfect to move to in a dark and dirty club. A lovely horn section graces Carol Masters’ reworking of the too long and repetitive "Autoloader” and Yendri’s overlay of orchestral strings and piano transforms the propelling trance of the original "Steam Virus” into a grander number. (Wasp Factory)