Gorillaz To Release Documentary

Gorillaz To Release Documentary
Gorillaz – the cartoon band created by Blur front man Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett – are set to release Bananaz, a feature-length documentary on the animated ape act, according to an NME.com report and confirmed by the band’s publicist.

The film’s director Ceri Levy is very familiar with Albarn, having produced the 1994 Blur doc Starshaped. While a few screenings of the film may be held, Bananaz appears to be primarily aimed at the DVD market. A release date has yet to be confirmed, as word from Gorillaz's camp is that the film is still in production, but it looks like it’s slated for a 2008 release.

In yet another simian related news item, the circus-opera Monkey: Journey to the West, co-created by Albarn, Hewitt and Chinese director Chen Shi-Zheng, swings into Berlin next year after runs in Manchester and Paris earlier this year.

Gorillaz’s second double-disc B-sides, rarities, and remix compilation D-Sides will be released in North America on November 20.

Gorillaz "El Mañana"