Gooloo Gooloo

This great album could've been a lot better if the mix exploited the utterly brilliant noise "riffs" that the guitarists conjure up. The mix favours the angular rhythm section and the screaming, Denis Lyxzen-ish vocals, but that's okay as well because the Touch & Go feel that's produced is nothing to balk at. Gooloo are the bastard sons of noise rock/metal, past and present. Unsane, Trans Am, Refused, Sonic Youth, Oxes, Voivod and Otolithen all rear their ugly heads and tattered ear drums in Gooloo's sound. The band is erratic, complex and noisy and prone to musical wandering. Here's a suitable description that the boys can use for ad copy fodder: Gooloo is brilliant in its execution and sublime in its devastation. Yeah! (Super 8)