Good Clean Fun Positively Positive 1997-2002

For those of you missing the glory days of '80s positive hardcore meets irony, well, you just may want to pick up this excellent discography culled from their various releases over the past five years. You may not remember Crucial Youth, whose anthems reminded young straightedge youths that "If you don't shave clean, you're not part of the scene," but even if you don't, this collection of 29 songs from the past five years will have you drawing Xs on your hands. And if you have a sense of humour, many of these tracks will have you laughing out loud. These guys poke fun at almost every aspect of "the scene": from hardline to selling out to emo to the photos of synchronised leaping guitarists. And they play well enough to keep you listening. This would make the perfect gift for the uptight hardcore guy in your circle of friends. (Equal Vision)