Goldie / Various Drum & Bass Arena: The Classics

The latest in a series of mixes from the biggest drum & bass website has been put together by the biggest character on the scene: Bond villain, Eastenders character and Björk’s old flame, Goldie. Disc one is melodic and soulful with hits such as "Circles” by Adam F, "Brown Paper Bag” by Reprazent and "LK” by Marky & XRS, each track uniquely twisted. The pick of the first side is John B’s massive anthem "Up All Night,” a crossover producer first discovered by Goldie himself. Disc two is darker but no more aggressive, epitomised by the growling bass and explosive triplet break of Bad Company signature tune "The Nine.” It features both older tracks like Alex Reece’s "Pulp Fiction” and post-millennial classics such as Pendulum’s "Vault.” Famous for his golden teeth and equally glittering album Timeless, this is no less than one would expect from the legendary multi-talented artist: a tasteful mix of his favourite tracks from days gone by. (Ministry of Sound)