Goldie A Drum & Bass DJ Mix

Alas, Goldie doth protest too much. Concerned over the rumours that drum & bass is dead, he decided not to produce an album that sets the truth free but instead release a DJ mix dubbed and rant in the liner notes, "It can't die: it can only evolve." Fair enough. It's silly to declare a genre dead so soon after its inception, but Goldie might want to remember the reason drum & bass caught our attention in the first place was the new syncopation; the "what the hell is that?" effect. While his mix is an admittedly tight selection of boomers from the likes of Future Cut, Die and Digital, with some cuts even displaying the odd house influence, there are hardly the revolutionary tracks one might expect attached to the name Goldie. Junglists might be satiated that the gold-toothed one's keepin' it real, but the no longer converted will wonder why the heck he's still partying like it's 1994. Where's the evolution? (Moonshine)