Golden Hotel The Silver Wilderness

Although they are genetically brothers, Michael Cayce and Sidney Alexis Lindner also exist as alter ego to each other in a musical sense as well. This mysterious multi-conceptual album uses a type of dream logic (i.e. disjointed) to carry the listener through a gliding bed of Dr. Who-like circus pop-folk, which contains an array of textures, including all things gothic, indie, psych, dissonance and shoe-gazing - something likely to be sonically wallpapered in William S. Burrough's apartment. The brother's comfortably clashing vocal harmonies provides the listener with a different listening state of mind in case one gets bored, which seems impossible with this album, and they appear to leave their songs "unfinished." However, they are far from that, as they play on the essence of a sound, sometimes a single sonic background device, and use that to unpredictably wisp you to another plane of music and thought. This is complex minimalism at its best, and is sure to satisfy those who are into Sparklehorse, Syd Barrett and the deeper, more experimental end of the Beach Boys. (Independent)