Gold Zebra "A Summer Love" (video)

Gold Zebra 'A Summer Love' (video)
Montreal duo Gold Zebra released their self-titled debut LP last year but spent 2015 setting their sights on something a little more cinematic. The musical pair composed the soundtrack to a feature-length documentary titled Un Amour d'Été, and now Exclaim! has got the premiere of the band's video for the movie's theme song.
Translated into English, the title becomes A Summer of Love, and the film itself explores the lovesick city of Montreal from the perspective of an outsider. The romantic summer affairs are captured and soundtracked by Gold Zebra, and you can get a sampling of the score with the title track.
The video for "A Summer Love" features footage from the film's director, Jean-François Lesage and observes silhouetted figured hanging out in the park, pairing up and walking into the night holding hands. It's slightly dark and sort of mysterious, but ultimately beautiful and mesmerizing.
The film premieres at the RIDM film festival in Montreal, and Gold Zebra will play the closing night party on November 21. Right now, though, check out the clip for "A Summer Love" in the player below.