Gold Sparkle Band Nu-Soul Zodiac

Exploring music with captivating vigour, this quartet will delight anyone who admires the energy and adventurous scope of bands like the Art Ensemble of Chicago, NRG Ensemble or the Vandermark Quartet. Their spirit recalls the way that the energy music of the '60s was channelled into fresh directions in the '70s by players like Oliver Lake. Guest Kim Lemonde's cello adds crucial gravity to "The Aleph," "Promises of Democracy" and "Splintered Synapse," while the brooding "Motor City Fugue" features the bass clarinet of composer Charles Waters. Yet it's the band's ability to generate a compelling sense of swing in tight riff-driven numbers like "Nu Millenium Waltz," "Double Bump" and "Borges" that confirms the excitement that Gold Sparkle Band generates with such impressive consistency. (Squealer)