Gojogo All Is Fair

What a shock! Another stab at the old east-meets-west genre, but this time the instruments are tablas and other assorted Indian percussion mixed with emotional violins and other Western instruments. Well, despite the unoriginality of the concept, the actual recorded output is pretty good and finds a nice balance between the two poles, making sure one never outclasses or dominates the proceedings. In fact, the string parts even incorporate another kind of "East” as the drawn out, slightly rough, violin notes bring to mind a slight Eastern European flavour. Also included in the collage of music are electronic beats, but they never stand out too much, leaving the heavy lifting to the violins and tables — as they should. All Is Fair does an old one-two, as the gorgeous "Sounds in the Fields” lulls you into a Western mindset with its romantic and layered strings, but this segues into "Terzeta,” introducing the tabla under a weeping solo violin. Gorgeous in execution and effect, Gojogo should warrant your attention above other world music blending bands due to their lack of musical fireworks. Here, the music is low-key and perfectly conceived. Harmony seems to be truly found in the details. (Galaxia)