BY Greg PrattPublished Feb 1, 2001

It's not that I'm caving into the nu-metal hype or anything, really, even though I do like Linkin Park and can often be heard (jokingly) quoting Soulfly. But when it comes down to it, Godsmack isn't half-bad. The major upside to this band is that they don't sound like the wiggedy-wack, phwack-cwap Korn klones out there, they just ended up lumped in with those bands in my cluttered mental notes. Godsmack have a fairly mature, dark, brooding and heavy rock sound, really sounding a lot more like an early '90s grunge band meets a sort of moody, trippy metal act. To some that might mean Soundgarden, but to me it means Mind Funk or Gruntruck, so it depends on where you're coming from, I guess. Fairly intriguing, exotic sounding and emotional, but also equally droning, draining and, seven or eight songs in, boring. Godsmack are a cut above most mainstream heavy bands of the current day, which is no huge achievement, but I can't see myself craving to hear more than one song ever again, really. However, I have stuck the CD back in to listen to the title track about four times in two days, so they are doing something right.

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