The Go! Team "The Scene Between" (video)

The Go! Team 'The Scene Between' (video)
Uplifting UK act the Go! Team are returning this spring with an album called The Scene Between, and now they've given the previously unveiled title track its own music video.

The vibrant clip uses intentionally rudimentary computer techniques to combine images, as landscape shots appear alongside cosmic starscapes and billowing clouds. Meanwhile, a robe-wearing ensemble of singers dance amidst the frantic scene, which emphasizes the energy of the pop-friendly tune.

Go! Team leader Ian Parton said in a statement about the video [via Pitchfork], "I was imagining things like aerial fly-bys, bad chromakey, Waco cable access, country versus the city, a choir in the wilderness. The key thing was I was definitely imagining looking down on landscapes, rivers and forests, but I could hear a slightly menacing, kind of pagan, thing going on too and a definite schizo thing between the verse and the chorus."

Watch it below. The album will be out on March 24 through Memphis Industries.