Go-Betweens Oceans Apart

Look in the dictionary for a definition of a cult band and there will be a picture of the Go-Betweens. During their original time together in the ’80s, they made six near-perfect albums that were loved by everybody who heard them, but unfortunately, not many people heard them. So while it was surprising when Grant McLennan and Robert Forster decided to give it another crack in 2000, it was an exciting prospect because their legendary status had only grown during the subsequent years since their demise. Even more incredible is that they managed not only to live up to their reputation but surpass with new records that picked up just where they left off. Oceans Apart, their third album since reuniting, is as good as any they’ve ever made at any point in their career. McLennan’s and Forster’s writing is sharper than ever and any cobwebs that there may have been on the last two records are long gone. Right from the get-go, Oceans Apart is a record which doesn’t hold back — the driving "Here Comes a City” sets the scene for a record that is heavy on nostalgia, but light on maudlin. Even the affectionate "Darlinghurst Nights” and "Boundary Rider,” a spiritual follow-up to their classic "Cattle and Cane,” are sincere and touching. As reunions go, it would be hard to think of a more productive or satisfying one than the Go-Betweens and this wonderful album is proof enough. (Yep Roc)