Glucifer Get The Horn

The Scandinavian rock invasion just keeps on rolling along with this six-song EP from Norway's Gluecifer. The tracks are taken from two previously released albums and are collected here for North American release by Sub Pop. The title track's opening riff sounds exactly like Kiss's "I Stole Your Love," from their Love Gun album, with "Southern bad ass" vocals thrown over top. These vocals are a real sore spot, since they make the band sound like they've got to be joking. Think of crap '80s metal acts like Jackyl and you won't be far off. The second song, "The Year Of Manly Living," sounds exactly like Danzig's "Mother" played for a joke. These guys haven't got an original bone in their collective body and this record could be used in a court of law to prove this. Just take the rip off of Slayer's "Reign In Blood" in "Titanium Sunset" and you'll be wondering where the line between homage and straight copying begins. This is a band that people would have laughed at just a few short years ago. (Sub Pop)