Glasvegas Announce New Album for 2013 Release

Glasvegas Announce New Album for 2013 Release
Glaswegian rock troupe Glasvegas followed up their 2008 career-making self-titled debut album with last year's much less successful Euphoric Heartbreak. Rather than throw in the towel, however, the group have already announced details for their next long-player.

According the band's Twitter, the new album will be called Later... When the TV Turns to Static. This is an update of the earlier working title, which was Whoever Shouts the Loudest.

While it doesn't have a release date just yet, Later... When the TV Turns to Static is expected to drop in 2013.

Speaking with NME, the band's frontman James Allan also addressed the public's reception of Euphoric Heartbreak, saying, "It's hard for any artist to really understand why someone would have a connection to their passion. There are records I didn't like at first but grew to love over time — Euphoric may be one of those for other people. They've just got to get to know it better."

The band's video for "Euphoria, Take My Hand" is available below.